Events at Black Barn Bistro

Since 2003, when Black Barn Bistro was founded, we have always been a venue for events and celebrations of all kinds. 


We regularly organise special events such as the Sol Lounge, evenings with guest chefs to share their craft with our guests and private parties.

We look forward to you joining us someday soon for an afternoon or evening of enjoyment amongst the vines. 


Past Events 

Future Events 


Argentine Chefs Daniel Pistone (Black Barn Bistro) and Dante Moren (The Royal Hotel, Featherston) come together to put on a traditional Argentinian Open fire (Asado) Sunday lunch.

The entire feast will be cooked outside over open wood fire which will start with shared canapes followed by locally sourced vegetables, fish, lamb, beef & wild game then dessert. Everything will be served family style spread over several big long tables.
There will be a complimentary drink upon entry followed by a cash bar. Tickets are $110 per person.


CRIOLLO - commonly associated with Latin Americans who are of full or near full Spanish descent.  Head chef Daniel Pistone and Black Barn Bistro invites you for a delectable shared experience. Showcasing traditional Argentinian cuisine and their rich heritage and love for food and gatherings. Get ready to take a culinary flight with us as we soar from Salta over Buenos Aires to Patagonia.

Ticket includes canapés on arrival (aperitif included), shared main meals, dessert buffet (dessert wine included). Open bar.

Tickets are $130 per person.

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